Sept/Oct 2007

Editor's letter

High energy in coal and oil sands

By H. Ednie

Each year the September/October CIM Magazine is a special issue dedicated to the coal and oil sands industry, and this issue’s no exception. As Alberta continues to explode with growth and development, the oil sands industry maintains its position as the primary hub of activity for Canada.

This high energy of Alberta’s industry will drive the CIM Conference and Exhibition next year, as it is being held in Edmonton, from May 4 to 7, with the Mining in Society public show and Career Fair running May 2 to 4, kicking off the event. There, leaders of the oil sands and coal industries will share with their peers from base metals, diamonds, uranium, potash, gold… the whole minerals industry will be participating.

In the face of the current focus on global warming issues, the minerals industry is stepping up to the plate, demonstrating its commitment to sustainable practices. The coal industry is no exception. Often targeted for GHG emissions, the clean coal technology now promises to ensure coal’s place as an energy producer well into the future. A number of articles in this issue share insight into the opportunities; in particular, please see page 32 for an article on the opportunities for coal, written by George White, chairman of the Coal Association of Canada.

Coal gasification and CO2 sequestration aren’t the only technologies promising to further our industry’s environmental performance. Syncrude’s currently working on a major project to reduce SO2 emissions (see page 28), while the Foothills Model Forest (see page 42), was the first-ever winner of CIM’s Syncrude Award for Excellence in Sustainable Development this past year - demonstrating industry’s commitment to a sustainable future.

Please read on and enjoy this issue of the magazine. I’d like to thank all the contributors, advertisers, and the people who helped develop story ideas. True to most CIM products and events, this has truly been a group project.

Heather Ednie

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