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◢ On-demand energy savings

The NRG1-ECO (Energy Consumption Optimization) software developed by Bestech helps mining companies cut energy costs without reducing performance. “Our solution connects via communication infrastructure to devices like dewatering pumps, which are continuously used for underground mining operations,” says Pat Dubreuil, vice-president operations, sales and marketing with Bestech. Operational data from the devices is viewed and collected in real-time via the central human-machine interface (HMI) used to navigate and operate NRG1-ECO. “Historically these devices were set up with a point of local control, such as an HMI which can control the pumps, or an HMI that can control a particular fan or booster,” Dubreuil says. “Our software aggregates all of these control processes under one central platform providing the user with one-stop-control solutions.”

◢ A tailings pond’s best friend

 Draglow HY85 slurry pump
The new Draglow HY85 slurry pump from Aquatech Dewatering comes with a high-efficiency agitator to prevent solids from blocking the pump inlet. The agitator cutter blades are made of hi-chrome steel which is very hard and resistant to abrasion. They create an excavating motion, which lifts and draws settled sediment, creating a continuous flow of concentrated slurry of up to 70 per cent solids by weight. “Compared to other pumps of similar capacity, Dragflow offers a lower operating RPM and is built from robust heavy-duty construction that guarantees lower wear rates and prolonged component life,” says Ellen Nyarko, marketing and communications coordinator at Aquatech Dewatering. “The use of simple components means lower costs and easier maintenance.” When mounted onto an excavator, the HY85 can handle solids up to 2.4 inches in diameter, and it can dredge deposits as deep as 250 metres.

◢ All decked out

polyurethane dewatering panels

Italian producer of polyurethane dewatering panels Eurogomma mainly offers three modular systems (EURO-PS - 305mm x 305mm; ErStep - 300mm x 600 mm and EURO-FG - 300mm x 1,000mm) but also makes custom panels of any dimension or aperture size. The company also produces on-demand, made-to-specification equipment for decks, where dewatering panels are installed. The panels are used to dewater mineral or aggregate sand from processing equipment like hydrocyclones, desliming drums and trommel screens. Dewatering creates almost-dry sand that can be immediately stocked and loaded onto trucks. “We have gained solid results in the field,” says Cristian Annoni, marketing and sales director with Eurogomma. “Clients call on us to help them increase their dewatering efficiency because they’ve been using decks that are too small. Using polyurethane dewatering enables mining companies to increase deck lifetime and cut downtime due to maintenance.”

◢ Going deep

Boart Longyear
Boart Longyear offers key tooling and techniques for dewatering to drill deep- and large-diameter holes in difficult conditions. The company offers services for conventional, reverse-circulation, horizontal and large dual-tube flooded-reverse drilling methods for deep wells and horizontal drainage. Flooded reverse circulation, for instance, can drill diameters of up to 60 inches in a single pass. “The primary application of our drilling service is for monitoring water tables in and around the mine, supplying water needed in the mining process, and lowering water tables to allow safe and efficient mining,” says Dale Johnson, Boart Longyear’s global director of drilling services operations. “We also drill and install horizontal drains for open pit and underground applications.”

◢ Hopping good

Flygt Mobile Dewatering Hopper
The Flygt Mobile Dewatering Hopper from Xylem is a simple-to-use and cost-effective mobile pump station for temporary use in a mine or construction site. “Designed in consultation with underground operators, the beauty of this dewatering solution is that it comes fully assembled and ready to pump when delivered,” says Fredrik Holm, Xylem’s communications manager. Because they have multiple lifting points, the hoppers are mobile, and can replace costly permanent sumps. The hopper has a 10,000-litre capacity and is fitted with 90 kW pumps that can handle flows of up to 100 litres per second. Easy maintenance is one of the key features of the unit. Heavy solids are separated with a screen from the pump section, and each segment has butterfly valves for quick and easy cleaning. The pumps in the hoppers are protected from accidental damage and oversized solids in the water by screens that are easily removed for maintenance purposes. Xylem’s Flygt Mobile Dewatering Hopper is also available in a galvanised finish and can be rubber-lined for corrosive duties upon request.

 ◢ Top-notch service

Equipped with western Canada’s largest fleet of high-lift pumps, submersible pumps, conventional and non-conventional dredges, along with a variety of piping systems, Canadian Dewatering offers customers an enormous range of options for mine dewatering services. Its rentals, sales, and contract services are available for pumping, barging, dredging, dewatering and sediment control needs. “With four decades of experience and best-in-class customer service, Canadian Dewatering is the mining industry’s expert for innovative fluid management solutions,”says Dale Marchand, president of Canadian Dewatering. “We are ready and equipped to meet all fluid management challenges.”




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