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Northern lights

By Angela Hamlyn

Angela Hamlyn
Nearly everyone seems anxious to weigh in on the issues surrounding the development of Canada’s mineral-rich north these days. From roadways and infrastructure development to community engagement and environmental impact, it appears the challenges are as plentiful as the potential resource bounty.

In this issue, we aim to give exposure to some of these topics by focusing on two rapidly evolving mining jurisdictions. Our feature spotlights northern Ontario’s Ring of Fire region, where two mining projects promise to open up the area to more mineral exploration, a development that cannot happen too quickly for explorers anxious to add fuller detail to the region’s mineral potential.

Then, in our Special Report on Quebec, we examine some of the hot-button issues at play in a jurisdiction that is at the centre of a great deal of political scrutiny and media attention. Antoine Dion-Ortega reports on the uncertainty surrounding fossil fuel exploration, while Alain Castonguay looks at how the expansion of mining activity is impacting suppliers to the industry as well as Quebec’s Aboriginal landscape. Veteran mining professional and former CIM president (1988 – 1989) René Dufour weighs in on Quebec’s northern development strategy in an opinion piece entitled “China’s Plan Nord.”

Also, mark your calendars for the upcoming 45th Annual Canadian Mineral Processors Conference, to be held in Ottawa, Ontario, from January 22 to 24. You can find the Preliminary Program on pages 104-107. Finally, check out CIM Magazine’s 2013 Editorial Calendar on page 111. We are very excited about our expansion to nine issues next year and our opportunity to bring you increased comprehensive coverage of the mining world.

Angela Hamlyn,

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