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CIM Branch opens in Lima

By Dinah Zeldin

Canadian mining companies have a big stake in Peru. With an estimated $50 billion to be invested in new projects in the country over the next five years, the region is full of opportunities for development, but there are obstacles to overcome. Tougher legislation, stricter scrutiny of environmental impacts and shortages of qualified labour, are all issues Canadian companies must address to maintain their growth and good standing in the region. To support Canadian industry and face these issues with a united front, Bertrand DeWindt, owner of Steps Up Consulting, led the formation of a CIM Branch in Lima.

“There are so many opportunities affecting mining in Peru that the industry needed an integrator to address them,” explains DeWindt. “We wanted to provide a place where this discussion can happen. If we can find like-minded people and work together, we can come up with proposals that will be good for the industry and for the country.”

The official opening of the Branch took place on November 12 at the Westin Hotel and Conference Center in San Isidro, a district of the Lima province. The event featured an ad­dress from John Pollesel, COO for Vale Canada, who has extensive experience working in Peru.

Attendees included Peruvian and foreign government representatives, accredited diplomats and representatives from the major mining and mining-related companies operating in Peru. During the event, attendees were invited to become Branch members and to register for the Branch’s inaugural event, Innovations for the Mining Sector for 2013, a two-day conference held November 29-30, featuring panel discussions on key innovations being applied to developing projects in the region.

The event closed with a cocktail party, sponsored by Golder Associates. Proceeds from all tickets purchased went to funding Branch operations. The creation of the Branch was sponsored by Hatch, Steps Up Consulting, Global Business Conferences LLC, SNC Lavalin and Jacobs Engineering Peru.

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