November 2009

Resounding success for "la grande seduction"

1,000 workers needed in James Bay

By R. Pillo


From left to right: Alain Poirier, President, Comité Action Mines, François Gadbois, actor and spokesperson, and Luc Letendre, tour coordinator.

A vast recruiting campaign aimed at offsetting the mining industry’s lack of manpower in the James Bay Region in northern Quebec successfully attracted nearly 600 applicants.

The “Lure of the North” campaign caravan, organized by the Comité action mines (CAM), travelled to 15 municipalities throughout Quebec over three weeks in September and October in an effort to attract more than 1,000 workers to the James Bay region in the next five years. “Skilled trade workers and professionals are needed in every sphere of activity,” says Alain Poirier, president of CAM.

Throughout their journey, CAM representatives met with more than 2,000 visitors and provided information about the region as well as career opportunities available in the industry.

In addition to the campaign caravan, CAM also created a website informing the public about the region’s attractions, including an overview of the mining industry and its employment possibilities. The website recorded more than 15,000 visits. As well, visitors were able to post their applications through Emploi Quebec’s online placement tool.

The campaign’s resounding success has left Poirier feeling confident. “Our efforts have started to bear fruit,” he says. “Mining companies were able to recruit high-quality employees for technician positions.”

This is good news because the region’s mining industry is expanding. “We currently have six active mines, about ten projects in development and almost 250 exploration projects,” says Poirier. “Northern Quebec is experiencing a real ‘gold rush’ since the discovery of Éléonore in 2001, which is now being developed by Goldcorp.”

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