November 2008

An immersive learning experience

RockEng09 - the chairman's invitation

By G. Grasselli

“Next year, the CIM Conference and Exhibition is coming to Toronto.” With that news, the Canadian Rock Mechanics Association (CARMA, a body comprising members of CIM’s Rock Engineering Society and the Canadian Geotechnical Society’s Rock Mechanics Division) and the American Rock Mechanics Association saw an opportunity for synergy and planned RockEng09 to run concurrently with the larger CIM national event.

As the 20th Canadian Rock Mechanics Symposium and the 3rd Canada-US Rock Mechanics Symposium, RockEng09 will seek to surpass the high standards of its predecessors. It will be the first of a series of meetings conducted by CARMA every third year, in conjunction with the CIM Conference and Exhibition.

Under the theme of Rock Engineering in Difficult Conditions, RockEng09 will bring together leading rock engineers to discuss advances in rock mechanics applied to engineering rock masses for civil, mining and petroleum applications. As such, it will be the perfect setting to generate and communicate solutions to today’s rock engineering problems, with a particular emphasis on the Canadian mining industry.

The symposium will be organized as an immersive learning experience featuring a balanced mix of students, industry novices and veterans, researchers and government representatives. We are especially seeking industry support to attract young engineers and students, for whom the symposium represents a real-world educational opportunity. The knowledge they gain could be disseminated among their peers and colleagues, to the benefit of employers. RockEng09 will be an invaluable opportunity for you to stay on the cutting edge.

Running over 21/2 days, beginning on the afternoon of Monday, May 11, RockEng09 will be complemented by a number of workshops and short courses offered prior to and after the conference. Tailored for a broad audience, these will target specific rock engineering problems to provide more focused learning.

I look forward to welcoming you in Toronto on May 9, 2009.

Giovanni Grasselli
RockEng09 Organizing Committee Chair

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