November 2007

CIM Distinguished Lecturers – an interview with David Lentz

One of this year's CIM Distinguished Lecturers, Dave Lentz, is renowned in the Canadian geological community as both a scientist and a top-notch professor. Many groups have already contacted CIM to book his presentation, titled Developing the orogenic gold deposit model: insights from R&D for exploration success. Don't hesitate—ensure he comes to your hometown this year.

CIM met up with Dave Lentz to discuss the focus of his presentation.

CIM: You're well-known in the Canadian minerals industry. What is your background experience?

Lentz: I have been lucky to have worked for the mineral exploration industry, the Mineral Resources Division of the Geological Survey of Canada, as mineral deposits geologist for the New Brunswick Geological Survey, and as an academic here at UNB since 2000 with student-based research projects in most provinces and territories of Canada.

CIM: What attracted you to becoming a CIM Distinguished Lecturer?

Lentz: My Distinguished Lecturer presentation highlights the research developments in gold deposits, especially in Canada, and how exploration success can continue to be enhanced by collaborative NSERC- and/or industry-supported R&D. It is a chance for me to wave the flag about the increasing importance of continued professional development and the derivative cooperative research that results from the mutual recognition of how each geoscience group supports each other. CIM is all about professional development, related networking, and friendship.

CIM: Please share an example of the information your audiences will learn about.

Lentz: Targeted applied or fundamental research tends to distill the complexities of a system down to essential components that are important to understanding a system in detail and then utilizing that simplified knowledge to explore more effectively and efficiently. In this presentation, this is applied to gold-forming systems, but is true for all types of knowledge.

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