November 2006

President's notes

Moving forward

By F. Pelletier

It is mid-August and I am happy to report that board members have just completed a good review of our strategic plan.

As you may recall, the strategic framework, developed by a task force comprised of various members of the board, was deployed at the Vancouver conference. At that time, we had identified certain working groups to move the plan forward. Given the lull created by the summer holiday period, combined with expiring mandates of some board members, it was decided to wait until August to move the plan forward.

Council reviewed the three strategic goals: fostering knowledge sharing by networking, creating value and expanding membership, and building a sound foundation for the future. While many activities have been implemented to support their attainment, it was decided that greater attention had to be given to the second and third goals. Three working committees were created.

The first committee will examine the possibility of creating a digital library, to enable members to have quick access to all publications of the Institute. As it now stands, to peruse all CIM-related abstracts requires visiting the CIM website, MetSoc website, PetSoc website, GSW ... and even then, not everything, such as copies of proceedings, are available.

The second committee will address governance issues with the purpose of establishing business rules and bylaws that will ensure that the Institute represents the interests of its members. These bylaws and rules will cover all units of the Institute, all the while reflecting the objectives and purposes of the units as they exist today. The committee will address a code of conduct addressing business ethics and conflicts of interests, compensation, and other issues as determined by Council.

The third committee will address uniform financial reporting to the national office as per generally accepted accounting principles. The committee will ensure that proper controls and audit procedures exist throughout all units of the Institute. The committee will also reflect upon the financial structure of the Institute and put forward recommendations to the board.

As we wrapped up the meeting, it was quite clear that participants were excited. Everyone could feel that we are moving forward!

François Pelletier, CIM President

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