May 2010

President's notes

Looking forward

By M. J. Allan

How quickly a year goes by. And what a year! The past 12 months have turned out to be interesting and challenging for the Canadian mining industry and for CIM. The outlook for the industry, which had dimmed briefly, is certainly bright again.

CIM continues to be the premier technical society for mining industry professionals to belong to in Canada. Building on our new strategic planning “blueprint” developed last year, CIM continues to grow and expand its activities in Canada and wherever Canadian mining professionals work worldwide. The success of CIM will continue to depend on our ability to provide knowledge and networking opportunities for those who work in the industry. This is accomplished primarily by putting on excellent meetings with good technical content and providing high-quality publications that mining professionals want to read. This is what we excel at and what we will continue to do.

CIM’s overall governance structure was an important issue that we dealt with this past year. The bylaw of CIM was updated for the first time since 1997, in order to bring the governance of the Institute in line with best practice governance for non-profit societies. The membership voted and approved these changes in early 2010. The structure of Council is being changed to provide for more continuity, to better represent the various CIM constituencies and to reflect the current administrative practices within CIM.

A special note of thanks needs to go to the organizing committee for this year’s annual CIM Conference and Exhibition in Vancouver. The theme of the conference – “Mining – Your Foundation for a Better World” — is particularly appropriate in these turbulent times. 

Thank you once again for giving me the honour of serving as your CIM president for the past year. It has been my pleasure and privilege. I look forward to making a continued contribution at Council as past president in the coming year.

I would like to extend a warm welcome to Chris Twigge-Molecey, your CIM president for 2010-11. I know that he has plans to work on extending the reach of CIM internationally and I look forward to helping him achieve this goal.

Michael J. Allan, CIM President

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