May 2008

Editor's letter

Progressive approaches to HR

By H. Ednie

This issue of CIM Magazine focuses on human resources, one of the hot topics of the decade. We can’t emphasize enough the challenges facing our workforce. It’s an exciting time as, across the industry, companies are demonstrating their progressive efforts to recruit and retain the talent they require.

CIM is part of this overall drive to bring more skilled people into mining. Through our Mining in Society show and CIM Career Fair we reach out to the general public, and youth in particular, to demonstrate the innovative nature of our business and the wide variety of careers available. At our conferences and through our publications, we provide a venue to exchange best practices, knowledge and experiences in human resources management, training and so on.

As a member-based association, we’re actively endeavoring to augment our membership, to increase the breadth of our reach within the industry and enable a wider network for professional exchange. CIM is working with universities, our branches, industry people and other associations to attract interest to our industry, and thus to CIM. Past surveys have indicated that the common view, from students to engineers and management, is that CIM is a place that brings people together. Through networking and knowledge sharing, and providing a link between students and industry, CIM can excel at all levels. And it’s through these efforts that we can help foster tomorrow’s workforce.

This issue offers information and insight on a number of human resources challenges including new services, trends and practices that build towards finding solutions to the crisis. There’s much to be learned from the resourceful ways that companies are recruiting and retaining their employees, which can be of interest for all employers, not just mining companies.

Here in the CIM office we’ve also been reviewing our own HR practices.  During the past year we engaged an outside consultant to review our compensation packages and compare them with other organizations. And while we’re currently accommodating two parental leaves while facing increasing workloads, we’ve taken the opportunity to see how we can perhaps do things a little differently to enhance our workplace experiences. When it comes to HR, everyone is paying a lot of attention today.

Heather Ednie

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