May 2008

Helping students along the road to success

By J. Paraszczak

The CIM Maintenance and Engineering Society awarded the 2007 Centennial and Ken Hildebrant Memorial scholarships to some pretty deserving students.

The $1,998 Centennial Scholarship was awarded to Jamieson McCausland. He is currently completing his second year in the electrical engineering program at the University of Ottawa. Winners of the $2,000 Ken Hildebrant Memorial Scholarship include:

  • Alyson Cain, who graduated from Brock University with a Bachelors’ degree in French Honours in 2007 and is currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Education program at the School of Education and Professional Learning at Trent University.

  • Erica Cain, currently attending Sir Sandford Fleming College.

  • Jeffrey Di Fabrizio, a second-year mining engineering student at McGill University with a minor in management.

  • Fady Haddad, currently pursuing mining engineering at McGill University.

Interested in applying for a 2008 CIM Maintenance and Engineering scholarship? The deadline for the receipt of applications is September 15, 2008, so act fast.

Jacek Paraszczak is the director of education, student papers and scholarships for the CIM Maintenance and Engineering Society.

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