May 2007

President's notes

Retrospect of the past year

By F. Pelletier

More often than not, the question that I am asked is “What value is there in CIM for my company, or for me as an individual?” The answer is very simple: knowledge sharing, professional development, and networking.

I take my case as an example. When I look at the last year, I have had the opportunity to touch base with many senior representatives of our industries to discuss the upcoming convention in Montreal (networking). I have tried to share some of my experiences and learning opportunities with members through our magazine in the President’s Observations (knowledge sharing). Through various meetings of the Institute, lunches and dinners organized by local branches, discussions with my peers in CIM, and through occasionally accessing the library of knowledge deposited in CIM, I have kept learning and developing myself as an individual (professional development).

I feel that I have progressed as an individual in the last year. My company has and will continue benefiting from this progression. But there is no free lunch. One will only reap benefits to the extent one invests in CIM.

Our industries are changing and CIM has recognized, through its strategic planning review process, that it also has to change. CIM is positioning itself to face the challenges and opportunities that will present themselves. It needs a strong volunteer base that is evolving. We are no longer an organization dominated by specialists. CIM is an organization of individuals of varied backgrounds working within varied industries. CIM recognizes this and caters to its evolving membership base. There are great opportunities for personal development awaiting volunteers who wish to grasp them.

In conclusion, given that this is the last opportunity that I have to write my observations, I would like to thank society presidents, district vice presidents, Past President Russ Hallbauer, Incoming President Jim Popowich, and the CIM staff, organization, and volunteers for having put up with me and given me this opportunity to develop myself and work with a great bunch of people.

François Pelletier, CIM President

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