May 2011

President's notes

One year wiser, one year stronger

By Chris Twigge-Molecy

I was astonished to realize that this will be my last message to you as president of CIM, which makes it difficult to compress all I would like to say into my allotted page.

To begin, “Mines without Borders,” the theme of the CIM Conference & Exhibition 2011 in Montreal this year, brings into sharp focus the key issues we all face in a globalized world. We have to manage more complex operations with a shortage of qualified people. We have cross-cultural bridges to build spanning enormous differences in world views. We have to manage lower grade ore bodies in regions with daunting logistical and cultural challenges. Emerging issues such as resource nationalism or mineral source tracking mean our business is growing more difficult, not easier.

To address this increasing complexity, it is clear that the CIM structure needs to be streamlined. To this end, the CIM Council has approved the amalgamation of the Oil Sands Society, The Coal and Industrial Minerals Society and the Metal Mining Society into two new societies, the Surface Mining Society and the Underground Mining Society. A major benefit will be a clearer structure to potential sponsors and better co-ordination and effectiveness of our mining-related activities. This is discussed in detail in the article on page 106.

Over the year, we have made substantial progress on many fronts:

  • We have improved governance practices and maintained a solid balance sheet.<.li>
  • Phase 1 of our IT project is on target to be completed this year.
  • The Environmental Society has come back to life with a strong leadership team.
  • International activities have grown substantially with CIM’s co-sponsorship of international events and winning bids for several major global conferences for Canada over the next five years.
  • Most gratifying of all, we have grown student membership, the future of our business.

It is with great pleasure and confidence that I pass the baton to incoming president Chuck Edwards.

Lastly, I would like to thank the CIM staff for their dedication and hard work over the year. They and the unseen hundreds of volunteers across the country have contributed to the great organization we have – one that we can all be proud of.

Thank you all.

Chris Twigge-Molecy, CIM President

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