March/April 2009

Editor's letter

A crash course in processing

By H. Ednie

The Canadian Minerals Processors Operators’ Conference was held this past January in Ottawa, as it always is, and was a major success. The conference saw great numbers of delegates get together to share information on the latest developments in mineral processing. This coming August, the Conference of Metallurgists will be held in Sudbury and is expected to be another successful event, with a high-level technical program showcasing a myriad of technological advances in metallurgical processing.

Mineral processing is a key step in the mine cycle — and can include a real complex network of applications and processes to best extract value from ore. As someone without actual academic training in mining-related fields, processing has always seemed to be a highly challenging field. Luckily for CIM Magazine, our team of editors, led by Angie Gordon, partnered up with Nathan Stubina for the feature section on processing in this issue, and together have produced impressive results. Read through the whole section, beginning on page 26, for a crash course on many recent developments driving mineral processing today.

CIM conferences, like the two mentioned above, are important venues for knowledge sharing, which helps sustain our industry. This May, the CIM Conference and Exhibition will be held in Toronto, bringing together management and operators for the event of the year. In conjunction with this year’s conference, RockEng09 will offer a complete technical program, bringing together the international world of rock engineering. This peer-reviewed event promises to offer valuable insights into groundbreaking developments at mine sites.

There is so much going on at CIM — I look forward to seeing many of you to discuss it at our conference this May.

Heather Ednie

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