March/April 2008

Editor's letter

The time for new beginnings

By H. Ednie

We’re on the cusp of spring. My favorite time of year, spring brings a fresh new start — it’s an invigorating time to sow the seeds that will be nourished throughout the coming months. It rings true, too, for CIM. With our annual event and the changeover of our council in the spring, it’s a time of new beginnings and launching new programs for the coming year.

And what a coming year! There’s nothing like the challenge of growth, and CIM is headed full speed towards greater times. With membership and industry support notably increasing, we’re laying the groundwork for new programs, exciting projects and increased relationships with other organizations and industry at large.

Now is your last chance to plan a trip to the CIM Conference and Exhibition 2008 in Edmonton at the beginning of May. It’s the event of the year, offering a top technical program and Canada’s premier networking venue. From operations through human resources to all facets of management and professional fields, your interests will be covered.

While at the conference, take time to join the CIM Annual General Meeting on May 4 at 11 a.m. in Room 3. There, you will be updated on CIM’s strategy and you can voice your thoughts and help shape our association of the future. It’s a time for action — there are no excuses. If you can’t make it to the event, then contact your CIM representative, or anyone on staff, to give your input and learn what’s coming down the pipeline.

Happy springtime!

Heather Ednie

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