March/April 2007

Editor's letter

Crash course on copper

By H. Ednie

The global copper industry is massive, and growing. New technologies have improved the process of producing copper, resulting in healthier bottom lines and less environmental impact. This issue of CIM Magazine includes a feature section on copper, demonstrating the robustness of the industry, and highlighting the global activity driving the copper market.

The Metallurgical Society of CIM is providing the opportunity to ensure you are on top of the copper industry today, as it will be hosting Cu2007 as part of the Conference of Metallurgists (COM2007) this August. This international conference is a truly global event and, considering the great energy of the copper business today, promises to be a terrific experience. A tremendous amount of knowledge will be packed into the technical program. Couple that with the international crowd that will flock to Toronto for the conference, offering a terrific opportunity to build your network, and I know I, for one, plan to be there. More information is available at

Phillip Mackey, Xstrata Process Support, has been instrumental in pulling together this issue. His article, The changing landscape of copper in 2007, on page 35 is a tremendous guide to the copper industry today. As well, Pascal Coursol, also of Xstrata, has invested much effort to bring authors and technical papers together to amplify the copper focus. Special thanks go to these two individuals for the extensive time they’ve committed to build this issue of the magazine.

As we ramp up to the CIM Conference and Exhibition only a few weeks away, excitement is building about the new energy at CIM, and the opportunities we will welcome going forward. CIM belongs to its members, such as Phil and Pascal - so don’t hesitate to help build its plans for the future. Contact your society or branch chair, or any one of us here in the CIM office today!

Heather Ednie

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