March/April 2007

Lecturer Mueller found experience positive

This year’s CIM Distinguished Lecturers have been very active, with numerous presentations given across the country. The season ends in June, but already the lecturers are reporting that it has been a terrific experience.

Wulf Mueller, Université du Québec à Chicoutimi, was a popular lecturer this year, sharing his presentation Archean subaqueous calderas: First order hosts of volcanic-hosted massive sulfide deposits in the Abitibi belt. He said his CIM Distinguished Lecturer experience has been a good one.

“From my standpoint, the lecture came across well, as it was a combination of theory, field geology, and mining exploration. I found all groups very interested and knowledgable. It was well worth while, and all were pleasant and very informed. The lecture tour is this far a positive eye opener - keep it up CIM.”

Of ten talks scheduled, Mueller now has six under his belt. Starting with London, Ontario, last October, he has traveled to Chicoutimi, Moncton, Saskatoon, Red Lake, and Thompson, with appearances scheduled for Quebec City, Sudbury, Timmins, and Abitibi throughout the spring. He shared his thoughts on some of the visits he has already enjoyed.

“In London, I was well received, with numerous questions concerning calderas and massive sulfides; it’s a university environment so a theoretical approach is more solicited.” He echoed that sentiment for Chicoutimi, where he added he’d had a ‘home court advantage.’

At the CIM-AGS 33rd colloquium in Moncton, he was the principal speaker, with 50 people in attendance. “The group was a sound mixture of academe, industry, and the provincial survey. Very good feedback, as an invitation from the survey is pending, and I received excellent support from David Lentz and Jarda Dostal.”

In Red Lake, he took pleasure in meeting up with some students he had worked with 15 years ago, and learning of their successes. And he found Thompson was the most mining-oriented town he’s visited, “with more of a focus on mining procedures and engineering. Most field geologists turned up. They are very well-informed geologists up there. It was a very pleasant time, with a cordial nature.”

The Distinguished Lecturers program is an asset to lecturers and audiences alike. Next year’s lineup of lecturers will be announced on April 30 at the CIM Awards Gala - get ready to book them for the fall!

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