June/July 2010

President's notes

A busy and exciting year ahead

By C. Twigge-Molecy

It is an honour and a pleasure to be taking on the leadership of CIM at a time such as this. The Institute is in great shape with a modernized governance structure now in place, a solid financial base and a range of vibrant activities unfolding across the country. We clearly owe past president Michael Allan, the outgoing Council and the National Office staff a large debt of gratitude for steering the Institute through the turbulence of 2009 so successfully.

It was great to meet so many of you at the CIM Conference and Exhibition in Vancouver, and what an event it was! The setting was spectacular and the conference enjoyed a record turnout. Especially gratifying was seeing the continued growth of Mining in Society and the impact it had on over 6,600 school children and teachers. I extend our congratulations to the whole Vancouver organizing team.

Looking to 2010-11, we have a full schedule ahead with several major events: Uranium 2010 in Saskatoon in August; the Conference of Metallurgists in Vancouver in October (incorporating Lead-Zinc 2010 and co-organized with TMS); and Copper 2010, co-organized by MetSoc, in Hamburg in June. This lineup is a testament to the global technical leadership that we have come to expect from CIM.

The coming year will be a busy one, with initiatives to both strengthen and expand CIM. I sat down with the editors of CIM?Magazine to speak about what lies ahead. You can find that discussion on page 24.

This edition of the  magazine focuses on logistics, particularly maintenance and communications, which are key challenges for any of our facilities. It is astonishing to see the level of innovation in a sector we often take for granted, — innovation we ignore at our peril.

I trust you will find ample value in this issue as well as in the many projects slated for the year ahead.

Chris Twigge-Molecy, CIM President

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