June/July 2009

President's notes

A time of renewal

By M. J. Allan

This opportunity to communicate regularly with members gives me great pleasure, as I begin my term as CIM president. My predecessor, Jim Gowans has set the bar very high and I would like to acknowledge his hard work and dedication. Jim headed CIM during a year in which he also served as president of the Mining Association of Canada — a workload I do not envy.

Throughout my 35-year career, I have been active in CIM at the branch and national levels. My last involvement with CIM Council, however, goes back almost 10 years. Last year, re-acquainting myself with the Council, I was struck by the extent of its rejuvenation over the past decade. During that time, CIM’s leadership in educating the general public about our industry has been commendable. For instance, this year, the Mining in Society initiative at the CIM Conference and Exhibition in Toronto attracted a record 6,725 students.

For me, CIM has always been about knowledge sharing and networking. Whenever I needed help with solving a problem or simply doing my job better, I counted on connections I had made through CIM. Our work in providing standard resource and reserve definitions that are used by the country’s securities regulators is an example of the ongoing technical contributions CIM makes to the industry at large.

However, we still have some challenges to confront in the coming year. Foremost, we need to recruit more of the younger industry members. To do this, we must demonstrate the value inherent in belonging to CIM. Although the benefits are obvious to many of us, judging from my conversations with younger colleagues, I am convinced that some work remains to be done in this regard. I was tremendously encouraged by a recent visit to CIM’s Trail Branch, which is being reactivated after years of dormancy and where the younger generation is well represented on the executive.

These promising signs of renewal could not be more timely. By tapping into the CIM network, let us all work together to convey the benefits of belonging to this incredible organization

Michael J. Allan, CIM President

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