Eye on Business

Court blocks hostile takeover bid: The risks of misuse of confidential technical information. By B.D. Sells and C. Higgins

HR Outlook

Match-making: Aboriginal Peoples and the mining sector . By M. Sturk

Supply Side

Canada’s economic base is narrowing towards natural resources. By J. Baird

MAC Economic Commentary

Industry issues and priorities: A discussion with Gord Peeling. By P. Stothart


Highly Qualified People: A key resource to drive innovation in mining. By M. Scoble

Student Life

Fired-up talent: Industry has much to gain from supporting research at Canadian campuses. By S.D. Craggs


They also serve who stand and watch. By R. Bergen


Lessons learned: How the current economic downturn affected supply chain management and what can we learn from it. By D. Allan

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