June/July 2007

Editor's letter

On your mark

By H. Ednie

As the CIM Conference and Exhibition came to a close this past May 2, we had some pretty grand ideas that the pace of work would calm down a bit, allowing us to regroup and assume the pace of a long distance runner - one without the breakneck speed of a sprinter. However, we quickly realized we were fooling ourselves.

Like the rest of our industry, it is a hectic game of keeping up the pace to maximize on the great spirit driving mining these days. And we’re not even in the game of constructing billion-dollar projects or supplying world-class equipment and expertise.

Everywhere you turn, remarkable things are happening throughout the industry. New projects are coming down the pipeline. The article on NovaGold, on page 22, is a testimony to the exceptional work that’s ensuring a bright future for mining. Suppliers and consultants are making their mark on the international playing field. Our special section on Exporting and the global market, beginning on page 12, highlights the challenges and golden opportunities of developing your business abroad. And this heightened level of productivity is being achieved with a focus on responsible practices, beyond that recognized by the public at large. There are studies to prove it: Explorers on the front lines, on page 44, covers the findings of a study of human rights complaints and corporate social responsibility of the mining industry around the world.

Through it all, CIM’s role is to help foster knowledge sharing and enable networking. Our conferences are key events towards these goals, and the next one, the Conference of Metallurgists hosting Copper 2007, will be an international event bringing the best of the business together in Toronto this August. Congratulations to the conference organizers and MetSoc staff - I look forward to the event; the breadth of knowledge encompassed in the technical program is outstanding.

A special thanks to Jon Baird of CAMESE for his assistance on building the Exporting section. It’s through volunteers’ help that we can try to share new insights with CIM members.

Heather Ednie

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