June/July 2007

New scholarship and more at CMMF AGM

The Canadian Mining and Metallurgical Foundation held its annual general meeting at the CIM Conference and Exhibition in Montreal on May 1. As is the norm, education was the key focus of the meeting and a new scholarship was announced.

“The Foundation would like to get more people involved, and to that extent we were very pleased with the first-ever proxy response for our annual meeting that was held during the CIM conference in Montreal,” said CMMF chairman Glenn Clark.

New bylaws have been accepted for the CMMF - Clark said they are a revision of the original bylaws created when the Foundation received its charter in 1972. Very little has been changed from the original, however, they have been made politically correct. A couple items have been better defined, such as who constitutes a member of the Foundation and has the right to vote. “With the new bylaws, anyone that has donated at least $25 over the last three years is a voting member of the Foundation,” explained Clark.

At the meeting, Joshua Leon, dean, Faculty of Engineering, Dalhousie, and Pierre Lafleur, director of studies and training, and Bernard Lamarre, president, École Polytechnique presented insights on the problems of student enrollment today, and a lively discussion ensued. “Unfortunately, there seems to be no simple answer to attracting students,” Clark added. As one step towards drawing students to minerals-related programs, a new scholarship is being set up by the Foundation in the memory of the late Don Hurd, a long-time supporter who very generously left a substantial bequest to the Foundation.

The Foundation is now at a stage where it has the opportunity to do more in the line of education, both directly with the students and members of CIM, as well as education for the public on the benefits of the minerals industry to Canada and society. “The Foundation would like to be able to expand on these ideas further and there seems to be no end to the needs of the community,” Clark said.

Having exceeded its original million dollar goal set so many years ago, the income from a million dollars is not what it used to be, as everything is so much more expensive. So a new goal of $10 million has been set, to enable more support for educational programs.

Clark has been a director of the Foundation for some time, having first joined from his past position as Chairman of the CIM Education Committee. “Originally, the Foundation carried out limited programs that were funded by donations, mostly from Life Members, however it did not allow the Foundation to be very active,” he recalled. Two years ago when the president resigned his position, Clark was honoured to be nominated. “Especially at that time, when it appeared that we were going to have more money to work with,” he added. “I have been interested in the role we can play in educating the students and the community in general regarding the resource industries, especially mining. I feel that if possible, everyone should give back to the community and if I can help, then that is what I will do.”

Clark was quick to highlight there’s a whole group of dedicated people giving their time to running the Foundation. “The directors all volunteer their time and expenses to be on the Board of Trustees,” he said. “We are helped immensely by the staff at CIM, especially by Serge Major, our energetic and effective Secretary-Treasurer, who also volunteers his time to the Foundation. Without the help from CIM, it would be difficult to get as much done as we do.”

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