June/July 2006

President's notes

I'm on board

By F. Pelletier

What a year this has been for me. Having spent a good part of my career in the service side of my company, I had labeled CIM as an organization that catered to technocrats. Soon after joining CIM Council as president-elect, this perception very quickly fell by the wayside.

What I found was a volunteer-based organization that had gone through very difficult times. It had been changing and adapting.

I had the opportunity to work with a very dedicated staff at the national office. Things have not been easy for Jean Vavrek and his team after the restructuring. Priorities had to be established, deliverables met, and change managed. In essence, the business had to be managed as a business and the national office had taken the bull by the horns. The national office had restructured; the magazine content was transformed, becoming more appealing to a broader segment of our industry; advertising revenues were increasing; membership was on the rise; financial and operational metrics were being developed; governance issues were being discussed; and the organization was now starting to look forward and position itself.

I was fortunate enough to get heavily involved in the strategic planning process from day one. With the help of task force members, I was able to better appreciate the structure of CIM with its branches and societies. Its purpose, vision, values, and principles are now clearer for me as well as other task force participants. I also awakened to the fact that CIM is the repository of technical knowledge of our industry and a world-class platform for professional development. I felt the enthusiasm and the drive of members who wish to reinforce their sense of belonging and transform the organization for the future.

The task force has not yet completed its work. It is currently setting strategic goals and objectives with targeted deliverables that will enable CIM to move forward. As these unfold, the organization will better position itself to serve its members.

In summary, the past year has provided me with the opportunity to meet and work with a solid group of individuals with various backgrounds. The learning experience has been an opportunity for me to grow. I am discovering the true meaning of CIM: world-class professional development, networking, and knowledge sharing. I am very proud and honoured to serve as CIM’s president in the upcoming year. I look forward to working with all of our constituents to make CIM a great organization.

I am on board!

François Pelletier, CIM President

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