February 2008

CIM Distinguished Lecturers – an interview with Chief Glenn Nolan

By R. Pillo

Chief Glenn Nolan, one of this year’s CIM Distinguished Lecturers, is a strong advocate for sharing information between the mining industry and First Nations communities. His enticing and informative lecture, “Engaging First Nations Communities,” explores the unique approaches in building better partnerships between local communities and companies.

CIM: What are the major factors presented in your talk?

G.N.: There is a need to understand the issues that aboriginal communities face, and how to develop meaningful dialogue leading to long-term relationship building for mutual benefits. I talk about how companies can step forward to assist in the building of positive relationships and meaningful participation in the industry by aboriginal people.

CIM: Why get involved with the CIM Distinguished Lecturer program?

G.N.: I am a firm believer that opportunities are developed through the sharing of information, meaningful community engagement and willingness of the parties to work together. The CIM Distinguished Lecturer Program provides such opportunities.

CIM: What do you hope to achieve with your lecture?

G.N.: There is a changing environment ranging from legal to financial to social, to engage aboriginal communities in all aspects of resource development. I hope to bring greater awareness of the opportunities to work with the communities that have development in their territory.

CIM: Your advocacy work and career have led you through many experiences. What has been the highlight of your career? 

G.N.: After a long day of working out on the land conducting surveys, I am sitting in the kitchen tent, sharing a laugh with my colleagues, knowing that the work we are doing has direct benefits to them and to their families.

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