February 2007

Editor's letter

High energy in 2007

By H. Ednie

This year is already speeding by for CIM, as the CIM Conference and Exhibition is just around the corner, and a number of key projects are making major headway, promising to have major impact on the whole association.

The conference this year, in Montreal from April 29 to May 2, is themed Energy and Mines - an important focus for industry today. The conference concentrates on energy in various ways. Our industry produces the fuels used to generate energy. Energy management at our mine sites and plants is an integral component of cost reduction. New technologies and applications are offering opportunities for lowering costs and increasing environmental performance. And issues such as climate change are driving public opinion; as an industry we must ensure we maintain a social license to operate competitively. Turn to the conference program on page 69 for more details.

Throughout the coming year, CIM will be focused on improving its services to members and industry. One major step will be a new platform for membership, ensuring better governance and an easier system for members to get the value they seek from CIM.

As well, CIM is seeking ideas for new services to members - it is time to pinpoint what it is that industry needs from CIM, and what a new generation of members want. As such, member feedback is mandatory. Without hearing from people across the industry, we cannot shape the CIM of tomorrow. What is missing? Where are the gaps you believe CIM should be serving? I say this time and again but it’s true: we need your input to guide us.

I hope everyone is planning on attending the CIM conference in Montreal. Check out the technical program - it’s stronger than ever. Voices across industry echo the same message these days - busy, busy, busy - but making time to meet your peers and benchmark your progress is definitely worthwhile.

Heather Ednie, Editor-in-chief

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