Dec '08/Jan '09

Editor's letter

Strategy for a strong 2009

By H. Ednie

This issue of CIM Magazine is a clear reflection of the concerns and focus of today’s industry leaders. Across the board, people are looking at 2009 as a challenge — not the disaster some other industries are facing, but a time for heightened efficiency and a keen strategy to keep costs down.

From the interview with Teck’s Don Lindsay on page 26 to a panel of experts from across the fields on page 30, the sentiments are stern, but encouraging — industry’s not defeated, but it will require effort to stay in the running. Next year promises to bring further change to the minerals industry we know today.

Meanwhile, here at CIM, we have Council’s backing to maintain a cautious commitment to growth. We must keep an eye on our key indicators, but we have a number of development projects on the table that will be the drivers of our operations throughout 2009. The main target areas are our meetings business, development of increased web-based knowledge exchange, focusing on students and young leaders as the core of tomorrow’s industry, strengthening our relationship with CIM branches through the One Membership plan, and further work with other partners to meet the needs of a changing industry. It’s going to be exciting, and perhaps a bit harrowing if the markets continue to plunge, but CIM acknowledges the need to develop increased resources to serve our members.

Take the time to read this issue — you’ll see that the minerals industry is not going away, even if some of the plans will change. The CIM Magazine staff has outdone itself with this one. And as CIM moves forward, contact us with your ideas — we’re here to listen and want to work with our members. You’re the very backbone of what makes us a remarkable institute.

Wishing everyone a great 2009,

Heather Ednie

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