Dec '08/Jan '09

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MiHR launches mining industry Speakers’ Bureau

To address the labour shortage in the mining industry, the Mining Industry Human Resources Council (MiHR) has launched the Explore for More attraction and recruitment campaign. An important component of this endeavour involves classroom and community outreach through speaker presentations. To this end, MiHR is hoping to entice representatives who are passionate about the mining industry to share their valuable insights and experiences with potential career-seekers.

“MiHR receives requests for classroom presentations on a regular basis,” explained Ryan Montpellier, MiHR’s executive director. “In order to meet these demands, we need a team of enthusiastic volunteers from across Canada who can share information about the interesting and challenging opportunities in our sector. Providing real insights and exposure to the modern mining industry ‘debunks’ old views and negative stereotypes. Changing these dated perceptions is an important step to building the next generation of workers for our sector.”

By making presentations in the community — at schools, community and recreation centres, industry organizations, career fairs, etc. — speakers can play a vital role in raising awareness about the mining industry, promoting career opportunities and helping steer interested individuals to the appropriate resources. In turn, speakers, educators and members of the general public can use the resources available through the Speakers’ Bureau to develop a presentation that suits their needs.

If you are interested in joining MiHR’s Speaker’s Bureau, visit

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