Dec '08/Jan '09

Breaking new ground

New educational film on mining and sustainability from Caterpillar

By A. Gordon

In response to requests from its mining customers, Caterpillar recently introduced the educational film Ground Rules: Mining Right for a Sustainable Future. The film was produced in collaboration with the award-winning documentary team at the Sudbury, Ontario-based science centre, Science North, and premiered at MINExpo 2008.  Ground Rules follows in the tradition of Common Ground, a Cat® mining film that opened at MINExpo ’92 and has since been viewed by approximately 40 million people worldwide.

“Our mining customers have told us it is time for a new film,” said Chris Curfman, vice president of Caterpillar and president of Caterpillar Global Mining. “They appreciated the way Common Ground helped educate the public about mining and the industry’s sustainable efforts, and asked us to consider updating the message. The mining industry has made great strides since 1992 — environmentally, socially and economically. Caterpillar is pleased to showcase some of the great work being done by this new generation of mining professionals.”

Ground Rules follows the development of new and existing mines as they strive to operate with sustainable business practices. The program illustrates the complex challenges associated with meeting worldwide demand for minerals and metals in a safe and sustainable manner. Filmed in Indonesia, Chile, Ghana, Australia, Canada and the United States, Ground Rules covers all aspects of mining from exploration to reclamation.

“We explain how everyday life around the globe is dependent on the products of mining,” said Dan Hellige, manager of health, safety, environment and community for Caterpillar Global Mining. “We show real mining companies working in their communities to build capacity, honour local cultures, protect the environment and develop sustainable economies — all while meeting very aggressive production and cost objectives. There are a lot of inspiring stories out there. It has been our privilege to capture a few of them on film and share them with the world.”

Order a copy of the Ground Rules video.

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