Supply Side

How can mining suppliers cope with the strong Canadian dollar?. By J. Baird

Innovation Page

Reducing the cost of wear in mining and mineral processing. By R. Llewellyn and G. Winkel

Student Life

On the road to discovery. By J.-F. Lepage

The Dialogue

“Tried and true” used parts. By D. Rachiele

MAC Economic Commentary

Foreign acquisitions in Canadian mining — good, bad, or indifferent?.  By P. Stothart

Engineering Exchange

Hatch Maritime — making its mark on Newfoundland and Labrador. By H. Weldon

Eye on Business

When a flow-through share is not a flow-through share. By C.E. Jodoin


Reasonable prospects for economic extraction. By G. Gosson and L.B. Smith

Canadians Abroad

Successfully going global. By C. Hersey

HR Outlook

Explore for More – the Canadian mining industry’s attraction and recruiting brand. By M. Sturk

Voices from Industry

Let’s go mining!.  By E. Beswick

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