Dec '09/Jan '10

Western Copper VP speaks at luncheon

Vancouver Branch kicks off new season

By A. Doll


From left to right: Derek Thorkelson, Sheila Stenzel, Alastair Sinclair and Sean Waller

The CIM Vancouver Branch held its first luncheon of the 2009-10 season this past September. The event kicked off with a special presentation by CIM District 6 vice-president Sean Waller, to three Vancouver-based winners of CIM awards. Two of the winners had been unable to attend the CIM Conference and Exhibition in Toronto last May to receive their awards.

Alastair Sinclair received the Selwyn G. Blaylock Medal. Honoured to be presenting the award to one of his former professors at UBC, Waller confessed to remembering and understanding “a little bit” of Dr. Sinclair’s course.

Derek Thorkelson accepted the Barlow Memorial Medal on behalf of his co-authors Julie Hunt and Tim Baker, both from Australia. The paper, “A review of iron oxide copper-gold deposits,” was a multinational and multidiscipline effort.

The awarding of the Order of Sancta Barbara to Sheila Stenzel was recognized by Vancouver Branch chair Patty Moore, who also congratulated Stenzel “for her untiring efforts and contributions to the mining industry and community through her leadership of the Mineral Resources Education Program of BC.”

The event’s keynote speaker was Paul West-Sells, executive vice-president of corporate development, Western Copper Corporation, who spoke about the development of the Carmacks Copper project in central Yukon. The project is one of the first to go through the new Yukon YESAA permitting process — a boon for Western Copper, the local communities and for the territory as a whole, according to West-Sells.

The CIM Vancouver Branch would like to thank Inspectorate PRA Metallurgical Division for sponsoring the luncheon.

Alex Doll is the past chair of the CIM Vancouver Branch.

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