August 2012

First impressions

Myotte Bellamy Productions brings mines to life before they happen

By Correy Baldwin

As soon as Romarco Minerals Inc. completed the feasibility study of its Haile gold mine, the hunt for investors was on. Romarco wanted to take the project to trade shows, and it was up to Dan Symons, vice-president of investor relations, to contract out the production of a video presentation that would entice potential investors.

Symons recalled an animated video that he noticed at a La Mancha Resources Inc. booth during a mining conference two years earlier. “I remembered that video,” he says. “The only way to create a video with such depth and scope is to take the time to take all the actual data and plug it in, and not just create a storyboard, like some firms will offer to do.”

Symons wanted just that kind of high-quality product. He found out that the video was created by Myotte Bellamy Productions, a Montreal-based animation and effects production company run by business partners John-Michael Bellamy and Alexandra Myotte, and he quickly got in touch.

Complex, not daunting

The process was not just about creating an eye-catching presentation, however. For Romarco, it was essential that the presentation display complex information in a clear way. “Mine sequencing is especially important on our project, where we’re doing concurrent reclamation, mining certain open pits and back-filling other ones,” says Symons. “We wanted to be able to show that in a visually dynamic way, as opposed to trying to explain it with an engineering drawing.”

“For investors who don’t have the time or patience to read through hundreds of pages of the feasibility study technical report, the video gives them a visual of our proposed mine plan within just a few minutes.”

“They were able to essentially recreate what this project will look like over the next 14 years,” says Symons, who is now taking the video around to mining conferences and trade shows. “The video usually catches people’s attention, and they come in and want to talk about the project,” he explains. “It allows us to show the different stages of development on the property and the current mine plan. It gives people a realistic view of the future.”

Symons has not been the only one to take note of Myotte Bellamy’s work. The videos have generated interest in not only the mining projects but in Myotte Bellamy as well, which is quickly gaining a reputation for high quality standards. To date, they have worked on eight public projects, as well as a number of private projects, and are scheduled for three more this summer.

Fundamentally, explains Bellamy, animation is an approachable and disarming medium. “In a certain way, everyone has been versed in animation, everybody knows what it can do. It brings you to a very open-minded standpoint on how you ingest information,” he says.

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