August 2009

Plenty to sink your teeth into

CIM unveils its new lineup for the 2009-2010 Distinguished Lecturer season

By R. Pillo

Georges J. Kipouros
Halifax, NS
Materials & Asset Integrity
Kelly Lendsay
Saskatoon, SK
Mastering Aboriginal Inclusion
in the Canadian Mining Industry
Engin Özberk
Saskatoon, SK
Innovation & Uranium Mining
from a Canadian Perspective
Steven Scott
Toronto, ON
Seafloor Massive
Sulphide Mining:
The Dawning of a
New Industry
Don Thompson
Fort McMurray, AB
Setting the Record Straight

The 2009-2010 CIM Distinguished Lecturer Program brings together some of the industry’s most engaging speakers, innovative thinkers and inspiring individuals to help keep branches and societies up to speed on the latest trends and developments. This year’s lineup of speakers will present a veritable smorgasbord of knowledge on topics ranging from the latest strategies in addressing Aboriginal human resource issues to sub-sea mining.

Currency and cohesion…

Delivered by field-leading experts, each Distinguished Lecture is full of the very latest information, helping you ensure that your branch members’ grasp of developments in the industry is current and up-to-date. This is why the Distinguished Lecturer Program has always been so popular with CIM branches. “This program has provided our branch with the opportunity to host consistently outstanding speakers who have delivered presentations on a variety of topics, from geology to safety,” said Mark Smyk, chair/treasurer of CIM’s Thunder Bay Branch. Smyk’s high regard for the program is shared by Thompson Branch chair Inge Robinson, who noted, “The subjects covered have piqued our members’ interests, generating stimulating exchanges that were at the same time significant and fruitful.”

Christian West, chair of CIM’s Oil Sands Branch, highlighted another important role the Distinguished Lecturer Program plays at the branch level. “Bringing a Distinguished Lecturer to our branch has provided an opportunity to enrich our technical presentation series and broaden our membership reach,” he remarked. Inviting a Distinguished Lecturer to your next branch meeting could thus help cement your membership’s cohesion in addition to furthering its education. Branch executives across the country have reported that meetings featuring a presentation by a Distinguished Lecturer are better-attended and better-appreciated, helping to potentially attract new members and to sustain the interest and involvement of existing members.

… and convenience too

As beneficial and rewarding as it is to run a CIM branch in a remote location, it is not always easy fulfilling members’ need for current knowledge, as access to resources and information may be difficult. The Distinguished Lecturer Program offers the perfect, most convenient solution. Undeterred by distance and difficulty of travel, our lecturers are committed to come to you to offer your members the benefit of their expertise. If you have found it hard to get people with the same interests to come together, rest assured that having Distinguished Lecturer speak at your event will bring more people to the table. As Smyk noted, “The Distinguished Lecturer Program is especially important to smaller and more remote branches, which may not have many local speakers to draw upon.”

It is thanks to our generous sponsors, Atlas Copco and the Canadian Mining and Metallurgical Foundation, who support CIM’s quest to provide its members the greatest opportunities for knowledge sharing, networking and professional development, that the branches can enjoy the benefits of the Distinguished Lecturers Program.

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