August 2009

Exploring the scene

CIM’s Red Lake Branch conducts its annual review of the latest developments in the industry

By C. Storey


Field participants examining stripped outcrops

Held on June 3, the Exploration Roundup represented another successful season of technical presentations for CIM’s Red Lake Branch.

Over 50 people, primarily exploration personnel, including local prospectors, consulting geologists and students, attended this full-day event. The day kicked off with technical presentations, and later, the show was taken on the road with an afternoon field trip.

The technical presentations featured an array of experts who reviewed the latest developments on local projects and exploration and mining activity in the area. A discussion on the Government of Ontario’s amendment of the Mining Act spurred a lively exchange of views on the proposed changes to the Act.

With black fly season finally behind them, field trip participants were free to examine stripped outcrops with no pesky distractions. The outcrops showed extensive iron carbonate alteration with gold restricted to late-stage quartz veins. The degree of their complexity was sobering and awe-inspiring, especially for the students who took the trip.

All in all, the day proved to be enjoyable and educative in equal measures.

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