May 2016

Editor's letter

The names game

By Ryan Bergen

Ryan BergenEach spring, we editors at CIM Magazine take on the mantle of Qualified Person and get serious about our annual list of people whose past accomplishments or future projects merit concentrated coverage.

With every new edition, we start with a core list of individuals. For example, the ascension of Denise Johnson to group president of resource industries at Caterpillar jumped out at us immediately. It is clear to us, having been on group tours of Caterpillar’s proving ground in Arizona with the company’s almost exclusively male mining dealers and clients, that Johnson is breaking ground. Moreover, the course she charts to navigate the group through the current marketplace is one to watch.

Similarly Maureen Jensen, the first woman to head the Ontario Securities Commission, captured our attention earlier this year when she took the position and with it the task of helping to create a more elegant regulatory regime than Canada’s existing system of overlapping regulations among provincial security commissions.

In other instances, we, like the market, play a hunch. Recently, Tesla Motors continued to distinguish itself as a singular brand in the automotive sector, with thousands of people lining up to pay their deposit for the company’s latest and most affordable electric car, due out next year. For better or worse, the lithium exploration company Pure Energy Minerals has become part of that spectacle. Its Nevada property, which showed promising drilling results last year, has an agreement to supply the material needed for the rechargeable batteries Tesla will require. The job of Pure Energy Minerals CEO Patrick Highsmith, who we also profile, is to convert the early buzz into the hum of production. To make this happen he will need to turn an exploration project into a bonafide producer, and that challenge will include the commissioning of a solvent extraction process plant that would avoid the industry-standard brine evaporation pools.

Together, these and the other figures we profile are meant to create a composite portrait of the industry at this moment and lay out the interesting and sometimes unexpected dimensions within. We hope you enjoy it, and we would love to hear your thoughts.

Ryan Bergen

An unforgettable year

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