June/July 2016

WATCH: The future of mining

A special presentation made in co-operation with McEwen Mining

The mining industry has a productivity problem. McEwen Mining has opened its Toronto office to the industry’s leaders and big thinkers to begin looking for solutions.

Here are some of their ideas.

The development of the staged flotation reactor

Woodgrove Technology’s staged flotation reactor cuts operating costs and reduces the plant footprint required for flotation by making the process more efficient. This has allowed the company to strengthen its foothold in the industry, as mining titans including Vale and BHP Billiton join Canadian miners in adopting the system. Woodgrove co-founder Glenn Dobby won’t say it himself, but the SFR is “what some may refer to as a disruptive technology.”

Energy innovation in mining

There is more to energy storage than just lithium-ion batteries, says Chih-Ting Lo of energy management consultancy EELO Solutions. While some mining companies are socking away cheap fossil fuel, others are investing in fleets of battery operated equipment and still others envision becoming hybrid mineral/battery producers. Lo explores the energy terrain and discusses what is on the horizon for energy conscious industrial consumers.

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These presentations are part of McEwen Mining’s Innovation Lunch and Learn Series, hosted at the company’s Toronto office. The videos are produced by Toronto Corporate Video Productions.

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