March/April 2015

The best in new technology

Compiled by Katelyn Spidle

◢ Blasting from a distance

For blasting products, the standards for safety and control are becoming more exacting. According to Sandy Tavelli, global product manager of electronic initiation systems at Dyno Nobel, many customers today request a product that offers remote firing. To adapt to the evolving security and safety needs of its clients, the company updated the popular DigiShot 300S system. The enhanced DigiShot 300 RF system offers two main improvements: testability, which is lacking in non-electric type systems; and infinite programming ability, which enhances control of both fragmentation and vibration. The system can fire up to 450 detonators at a distance of 1.5 kilometres, and it maintains the ability to synchronize with two blasting boxes when firing in hardwire mode.

◢ Safe lifting

Scissor lift platforms are used in many phases of an underground mining project, but operating them can be dangerous. Putzmeister kept this in mind when designing its new MINELIFT 4. With a lifting height of four metres and a lifting capacity of four tonnes, it is available as a simple working platform for lifting heavy loads and personnel, or with customized configurations to assist with a number of tasks including the installation of pipes and ventilators. Additionally, MINELIFT 4 can be outfitted with an auxiliary lift platform that increases the total work surface area by 700 millimetres to 3.4 by 2.55 metres. Where safety is concerned, the MINELIFT 4 comes with a downhill speed control function that prevents the operator from driving too quickly and misusing the brakes. There is also the option of an onboard generator and compressor, which allow operators to work autonomously while also reducing the risk of accidents from using external power and air supplies. One of the biggest risks to operators, said marketing manager Christine Krauss, is rollover of the equipment during operation. So MINELIFT 4 is equipped with a hydraulic platform tilting system and heavy-duty chassis stabilizers. “MINELIFT 4 is stable in typical inclinations found in underground mining,” said Krauss.

◢ More for your ore

Mining crushers experience a lot of wear and tear on a day-to-day basis, resulting in regular maintenance and repairs. That is why Sandvik designed its CH860 and CH865 to include features that deliver the durability and reliability needed to improve overall performance. The mainshaft and shells are built with high-strength alloys and extra reinforcements that allow it to withstand more force. The electric dump valve system reduces pressure peaks and mechanical stress on the crusher by checking hydraulic pressure 200 times per second. Also, the tank system is equipped with a cooling mechanism, temperature monitors, an offline filter and a safety system. The CH860, meant for high-capacity secondary crushing, has a 500-kilowatt motor. The CH865, particularly useful in tertiary applications, creates a finer product and a smaller circulating load inside the circuit. This results in a five per cent performance increase. “[It] adds up,” said product marketing specialist Robert Picard. “That’s more for your ore. We call it outperformance; our customers call it more profit.”

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