March/April 2015

Editor's letter

Better belated than never

By Ryan Bergen

Ryan BergenCIM Magazine, the flagship publication of the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum, and the central concern of the Communication, Publications and Media department at the national office reached an important milestone in the new year. And we missed it. A quick proof of the magazine spine by Andrea Nichiporuk, our managing editor, brought to our attention that we are now publishing the 10th volume. Unfortunately, we were too focused on getting the first issue of the new cycle to print to give proper due to the magazine’s aluminum anniversary.

Andrea, coincidentally, is the only member of the publications team who was there for the launch of CIM Magazine in 2006. At the time, the magazine’s creation was a physical example, something that you could hold in your hands, which showed that the centuryold Institute was in flux.

“At CIM we have inherited decades of practices and culture, some of which are now outdated,” wrote executive director Jean Vavrek in the first issue of the magazine. “Now that is going to change.”.

So the publications team created CIM Magazine and shuttered CIM Bulletin. And when they took the risk of retiring a publication that had been reliably published for more than 75 years to try something different, they built the model that we have been exploring ever since. From my position – five years as a technician working on this ongoing experiment and as an observer of the industry – the pioneering spirit of Jean, then editor- in-chief Heather Ednie and her assistant editor, Andrea, should be celebrated.

You may have noticed that, with our 10th volume of CIM Magazine, the evolution has continued. We have expanded the French content available in our print edition. With the “project pipeline” among the news stories, we aim to catalogue projects that are advancing and look forward to seeing that feature demand more space on the page. The most ambitious project for 2015, however, will reveal itself later this year with the re-creation of CIM Magazine online. Beyond making it a better reading experience, the project will also re-imagine what CIM Magazine can be. It will, ideally, honour the spirit that launched the publication a decade ago.

Ryan Bergen

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