June/July 2015

Editor's letter

Adventures in time and space

By Ryan Bergen

Thumb through the first volume of CIM Magazine and the impression you get is that, in this industry, a decade is really only a heartbeat. “The Renard project... has the potential to become Quebec’s first diamond mine,” Stornoway Diamonds CEO Eira Thomas pronounced back in 2006. Up in the Northwest Territories, Fortune Minerals was already cutting drifts to help prove out the viability of its NICO gold-cobalt-bismuth-copper project. It won’t be until sometime next year that Thomas’ prediction bears out and Renard begins producing the first of its ore. For the Fortune team, which has yet to secure financing for the project, the intervening years have been a test of its agility and resourcefulness.

These are just two familiar development projects among many others covered in CIM Magazine’s inaugural year, some of which have advanced to production while many have not. Skipping back through time is straightforward; each effect has a cause that lines up nicely behind it. Moving forward, it is not nearly so easy to discern which projects will collect speed and which will stall.

When the leadership at CIM decided to put an end to the CIM Bulletin after more than 80 years, the new course was sketched out only very roughly. Members were hungry for a magazine format, and so the publications team, with a shoestring budget and the support of CIM members and societies, inked out a new path with CIM Magazine. The launch was the critical first act, pointing the magazine in a direction and getting it rolling.

Along the way, we have continued to gather momentum. Under the expert guidance of Angela Hamlyn, who next took the role of editor-in-chief, the format grew more refined and the budget expanded, giving us the resources to be more ambitious in our coverage. Equally important, the CIM Journal, with its mandate for peer-reviewed technical papers, has become an essential counterpart to the magazine.

Thanks and congratulations to every one of you.

Ryan Bergen

Thank you! Merci beaucoup!

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