February 2015

Editor's letter

In hibernation

By Peter Braul

It’s the dead of winter, and nobody is feeling the chill more than junior miners right now, especially the ones that can no longer afford to keep the heat on in their offices. But explorers are hardy folk, used to dressing in layers, and they are showing remarkable resilience despite the best efforts of the markets to freeze them out.

At CIM Magazine, we see the headlines about how investors on Bay Street believe exploration is too risky, that safe ounces or tonnes are the best ones to add, and how spending is out of control. While in some cases that may be true, in her feature story, Virginia Heffernan offers insight into how, despite the odds, explorers are still developing targets worth looking at. For all its inherent risk, grassroots exploration is the lifeblood of the industry, and those who do it well deserve much more credit than they get – literally.

There is a good chance you are reading this exploration-focused issue at, or just before, PDAC. If you’re near the tradeshow floor, please come by the CIM booth (#215), say “ Hi!” and let us know what you think of our editorial. We are always prospecting for new ideas from those who have boots on the ground.

By the time this issue is in your hands, editor-in-chief Ryan Bergen, now on paternity leave, will be back chatting up sources. His youngest daughter, who is enjoying his company while I enjoy his desk, will be nearly three months old. How many commodity cycles will she see in her lifetime? What will they mean for her? What can we learn from these trying times to teach the next generation of explorers? And how will we continue to keep the home fires burning when it’s cold outside?

Peter Braul
Section Editor

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