Dec '15/Jan '16

Editor's letter

Turning over a new leaf

By Ryan Bergen

Ryan BergenOnce, flushed with pride for a newly printed issue of the magazine, I showed the finished work to a friend of mine unfamiliar with both publishing and mining. “Very nice,” he said. “Did you write that story?”


“Did you take the pictures?”


“Did you do the layout?”

“Not exactly.”

With that, the magazine was put away and we moved on to other topics. Why hold forth on the role of editor? Boring someone with unwanted details; that’s something we try to avoid in this profession.

I would not be doing my job, however, if I didn’t draw your attention to the departure of Peter Braul, who has been an editor at CIM Magazine for the last four years, and is now already in full stride, pursuing his dream of becoming a brewer. Evidence of his ideas, big imagination and sharp eye began on the cover page and ran throughout each issue he worked on. Over his time here, the magazine improved in appearance and grew in its ambition.

Working alongside him helped me to do my job better, and his close work with the young editors who have since joined the magazine will serve the publication and its readers well.

Although the charge may provide the force that breaks the rock, there would only be noise, dust and flyrock without the explosives engineer to oversee drill patterns, blast sequence and timing. Such is the role of the editor, and Peter was an excellent one.

Fortunately, evidence of Peter’s talents are on full display in “The Cream of Devon County.” His profile of Wolf Minerals’s newly commissioned Drakelands mine highlights a modern project in a land where mining had seemed bound to become only a curiosity of history.

This issue also features the work of our newest editor, Kelsey Rolfe, including her contributions to our 2016 preview, “The year ahead.” Kelsey, an alumna of our internship program and erstwhile contributor, has brought her own enviable set of skills and energy to her role. I wish the two of them, and all of you, the best in the New Year.

Ryan Bergen

A call to action

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