September 2014

The best in new technology

Compiled by Alexandra Lopez-Pacheco

◢ Safe cable coupling

Installing electrical mining cable couplers can be difficult, wasteful and risky. “Typically, it involves using a soldering system,” says Juan Darritchon, Americas market manager for mining at TE Connectivity (TE). “It can be dangerous as you’re working with very high temperatures and the quality of the installation is dependent on the skill of the person doing it, which can vary widely.” He says a safer option is TE’s innovative Raychem mining couplers, with their shearbolt technology, which the company has used successfully for years in the utilities sector. “Our shearbolt technology is designed in such a way that when the bolt reaches the exact torque needed, the head breaks off,” says Darritchon. The couplers, which can later be reused with a new bolt, come in two sizes to cover everything from #6 AWG to 500 MCM cables. The couplers also use a sealing technology that allows for a tight fit, regardless of cable size.

◢ Productivity in tight quarters

When Vallée Inc. set out to design its new 4DA50C and 4DA55C lift trucks it focused meticulously on the three factors that would raise productivity in mining applications: visibility, robustness and agility. The new trucks sport a fullview cab that includes an overhead window and a capacity that starts at 22.68 tonnes. Yet these four-wheel drive lift trucks are compact and manoeuvrable. The combination means they can handle heavy loads on many types of terrain including uneven surfaces and tight spaces. The two forklifts and their attachments are also customizable. “When a client comes to us with a challenge, one of our engineers goes out to their site to observe and study it,” says Frédéric Beaulieu, the company’s president. “Then our team works with the client to develop a solution specific to their needs. We’ve worked with a mining company, for example, to develop a tire handler for the lift so they can change large equipment tires on site without the operator using a camera.”

◢ Environmentally friendly wash

To clean the guck, grease and grime that accumulated on equipment, mining operations once relied on chemicals that were harsh on the environment and human health. Environmental awareness has changed that and green cleaners are now used, but they can sometimes seem almost as friendly to grime as they are to nature. Some manufacturers are adding more punch to their green products, however. Phoenix Industries, a home, office and industrial cleaning products manufacturer, recently introduced a new formula for its biodegradable Mean Green Industrial Strength Cleaner & Degreaser with 40 per cent more detergents than the original version. “Our customers use it on underground mining equipment for the removal of grease and oil and they also use it on water spray jets to keep them cleaned out and open,” says Willie Watts, the buyer for Kentucky-based Mine Service Company Inc., which sells mining products to the underground mining industry. “It’s just a good, stronger degreaser. It works well.”

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