May 2014

Innovation Showcase

Belledune Port Authority

Port of Belledune  Situated on the Bay of Chaleur in northeastern New Brunswick, the port facilities are located in a rural area with no congestion. Belledune has an artificial harbor equipped with a breakwater, 4 terminals and 6 berths. The port has multi-type cargo facilities, including one of the most modern roll on- roll off and general cargo terminals in Atlantic Canada. More than 2 million metric tonnes of bulk, breakbulk and project cargo flow through the port every year. Since 2009 over $80 million in infrastructure improvements were made, including a new roll on-roll off/barge terminal, 27 acres of storage adjacent to the terminals and a new Modular Component Fabrication Facility. The Fabrication Facility has a 19.8 meter clear height and is equipped with two 20 tonne overhead cranes, 20 welding stations and is located along a straight 1.6km route from the port terminals. This industrial zoned site provides unlimited possibilities for fabrication, metal working, assembly, and storage allowing you to save time and money at eastern Canada’s mining port.

Isis Geomatics

Isis Geomatics  Isis Geomatics utilizes the latest in unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and RTK survey equipment to provide stunning, high-definition imagery and high resolution quantity surveys for the mining industry and municipalities.  Class leading 3D and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software provide unmatched accuracy and detail with a typical data resolution for both imagery and digital surface models (DSMs) of 3.5cm.  This means that there is continuous elevation data for the entire survey area, with precise elevation readings every 3.5cm, allowing observation of even the most subtle and minute changes in topography. 

The high level of accuracy that Isis delivers translates into more accurate volume calculations, contour mapping, and 3D point clouds. In fact, testing has shown the Isis method delivers a 3-5% increase in data accuracy compared with traditional GPS surveys, allowing clients to be confident that they are receiving the highest quality data available. 

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Global Mineral Research (GMR)

 Global Mineral Research Global Mineral Research (GMR), located in Burnaby, BC, is just 15 minutes from downtown Vancouver.  This state-of-the-art laboratory was created in response to the global need for reliable, timely and cost effective testwork results.  Their 10,000 square foot facility was custom designed for efficiency, based on more than 35 years of experience in the industry.  GMR technicians provide assays and metallurgical testwork for essentially all metals and industrial minerals, as well as some precious gems.  In addition, the lab can provide environmental services such as ARD and waste water treatment testing.  “Our strengths lie in our experienced team, our up-to-the-minute equipment, and our cost competitiveness” says Peter Tse, COO, who has a solid track record of setting up and running successful laboratories.

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PROVIX Detection  PROVIX Detection is an RFID based proximity detection system that alerts heavy equipment operators of the presence of other vehicles, personnel and equipment. Its purpose is to reduce the chance of collisions and to eliminate interactions between operating equipment and personnel. The PROVIX Detection System provides a visual and audible warning to equipment operators and identifies the position and distance of any vehicles, heavy equipment or personnel that are in proximity to the established geofenced perimeter. PROVIX Detection ensures detection within the pre-established GeoFenced area and will be processed and detected in Real Time, for instant display on the cab monitor. PROVIX Detection arms each vehicle, each person and each piece of operating heavy equipment with an RFID tag. Each tag emits a wireless radio signal that specifically identifies the tag. The tag can be detected up to 500 meters away and is configurable to meet operational requirements. For more information visit
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