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By Chris Balcom, Tom DiNardo, Chuck Edwards

Peer review: a noble pursuit

By Chuck Edwards, technical publications committee chair

Chuck EdwardsThe editorial staff at CIM Journal wishes to express our deepest thanks to our peer reviewers and chairs, who generously volunteer their time and expertise to assess the importance, relevance and quality of submitted manuscripts. Peer reviewers and chairs play a key role in maintaining the high standard for CIM Journal papers.

From its inception, CIM Journal has used the double-blind reviewing system whereby reviewers and authors are unknown to each other. Although the double-blind system is the most onerous, CIM considers it the best guarantor of a fair and unbiased peer review process, and thus the best way for CIM Journal to build and maintain its reputation.

This is how we do it: A submitted manuscript is first assessed to assure it uses correct French or English, and that it complies with our formatting rules. If not, it is returned to the author with suggested revisions to meet CIM Journal requirements. When a submitted manuscript is prepared for review, it is stripped of author information (including names, titles, affiliations and digital metadata) and sent to the appropriate technical society review chair. The peer review chair reads the manuscript and asks two peer reviewers to execute reviews. Peer reviewers can – and should – decline if they are not confident they can complete a thorough and competent review in a timely manner (ideally four weeks). Reviewers edit and add comments in the manuscript, complete a simple form, and return the review documents to CIM Journal, along with a recommendation to either accept, require revision and re-review, or reject the submission. Reviews are assessed by the review chair, who renders a decision.

The peer review process is coordinated using a combination of an online system and email correspondence by Janice Burke, the editorial coordinator. 

If you are interested in being a peer reviewer, submitting an article for review, or have any questions about the process, please contact Janice at

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