Dec '13/Jan '14

President's notes

A time for reflection and renewal

By Robert Schafer

With the year nearing its end, now is the time to celebrate our many accomplishments, mourn our losses and chart our course for the future.

In the spring, we held a very successful CIM Convention in Toronto. The conference co-chair, Tom Rannelli, organized a wonderful event with great enthusiasm. Sadly, only a few months later, CIM lost an energetic and committed long-time member as Tom succumbed to cancer. He is dearly missed by his family, colleagues and the entire CIM community.

Later, in the summer we hosted the World Mining Congress in Montreal, and attendance – coming in at nearly 5,000 – almost doubled the expected number. Dr. Ferri Hassani and his team, together with our exceptional conference staff, assembled an event that has since received many accolades.

In October, we signed a Memorandum of Understanding with our sister organizations SME, AusIMM and SAIMM to form the “Global Professional Mining Alliance.” The goals include the rapid adoption of best practices and new technologies by the international mining community, the promotion of education and research in mining sciences, and the sharing of many member benefits among the collaborating institutes. By laying this foundation, we believe we will attract other national mining associations to the alliance.

The coming year holds many promises. One initiative to look out for is the addition of the Leadership Congress to the annual CIM Convention in May. This gathering is meant to bring together current and future leaders from technical societies, along with national and branch leadership, to meet and address existing issues, foster stronger communications and networks, and identify and mentor future leaders within the CIM community.

Thanks to your contributions through the recent Choicebook™ survey, CIM is reviewing and refining its direction for the future. Our aim is to ensure our efforts and resources continue to elevate the performance of, and cooperation among, CIM national, branches and technical societies for the benefit of members and the industry.

This is a shared task, and I look forward to working with you to make the most of the year ahead.

Robert Schafer
CIM President

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