GMSG's second 2016 international forum

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Date: 7-8 April 2016
Location: Hotel Nikko, San Francisco, CA
Registration: $125 CDN
Register Online: Registration

The need for collaborative mining industry solutions has never been greater. Low commodity prices continue to place pressure on mine operators to increase efficiency and profitability. Global Mining Standards and Guidelines Group’s second 2016 international forum in San Francisco, CA, will be another vital step in the effort to create a shared vision of future mining. This collaborative forum will take place from April 7-8 and features a key focus on continuing the industry movement towards autonomous and predictable mining operations.

These international forums are part of a global effort to bring industry thought leaders and experts to share best practices and common solutions, participate in the advancement of GMSG’s group projects and guidelines, and to build a shared vision of future mining. Technological advancements are developing at a rapid rate, and only through global collaboration will mining sectors be able to make the transition from manual, batch driven processes to autonomous operations for the benefit of the next generation of miners.

The two-day forum will begin with a series of panels, case studies and discussions geared towards the topic of future mining, with topics ranging from autonomy and integrated operations to open data and interoperability. Industry leaders and experts will be on hand to share challenges related to key issues, such as data access and usage, interoperability and autonomy.

Day two will have a clear focus on creating a framework for autonomous mining, and will be the first in a series of workshops in 2016. These discussions will stem the creation of a shared vision of mining autonomy and highlight the need for global collaboration.

Key speakers include:

Andrew Scott, Senior Director, Mining Information Technology, Barrick Gold
Geoffrey Wood, Director GPM IPS Manufacturing & Process Control Systems and Automation, Global Primary Metals, Alcoa
Michel Plourde, Manager IT, Operations Technology and Operational Research at ArcelorMittal Mines Canada
Zoli Lukacs, Reliability Manager, Gibraltar Mines
Lance Fountaine, OSIsoft
Tim Skinner, President, SMART Solutions

Success can only be achieved by open participation and strong industry support. We look forward to seeing you there to join us in the effort to create a unified vision of the future of mining.

For more information on registration and forum details, please contact Heather Ednie at