Members appoint new trustees to the CIMF board

CIMF_new_trustees Members of the CIM Foundation (CIMF) have appointed Dean Journeaux, executive vice-chairman, New Millennium Iron; Louise Michaud, consultant; and Adam Tonnos, key account manager, mining, Toromont, CAT, as trustees to the board. Michaud is replacing Don Worth, whose mandate ends in 2017, and Journeaux and Tonnos are replacing Glenn Clark and George Moubayed, whose mandates have ended.

Trustees elect new president

Daniel_Gagnon Trustees of the CIMF board elected Daniel Gagnon as president of CIMF. “I am honoured to have been named president of CIMF,” Gagnon, who is general manager of the mining group at Met-Chem, told CIM Reporter. “CIMF has a long history of support success stories, such as assisting the Distinguished Lecturers program since 1972, providing more than $75,000 a year for student scholarships, assisting M4S since its inception in 2005, and creating and supporting the Mineral Cards program since 2011. I want CIMF to do even more. We will be creating a special committee to re-focus our sponsorship strategy and energy to such worthwhile projects and be closer to CIM members. We are CIM’s Foundation after all!”