CIM unveils new Vision, Mission and Strategic Goals


Strategic GoalsThe Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum is pleased to announce the rollout of our new Vision, Mission and Strategic Goals, further advancing our effort to support the relevance and vitality of CIM and the industry we serve. Adopted by the CIM Council earlier in 2015, this milestone is the result of a six-phase outreach, engagement and analysis initiative and serves as the foundation for a five-year strategic plan that is currently under development.


A resource sector that is broadly recognized and respected as an engine for sustainable growth and prosperity.


To champion the world’s best practices and expertise for integrated resource development at home and globally.


1. Create, curate and deliver relevant, leading-edge knowledge

CIM strives to challenge and advance the level and quality of knowledge for the betterment of our members, the sector we serve and society at large. Our print and web resources as well as our educational and technical sessions at branch, national and international events facilitate CIM’s efforts to discover, examine and share meaningful insights and to drive innovation for the evolution of ideas, which resonates at the very core of our mission.

2. Foster a robust, connected and engaged CIM community

Drawing upon the valuable connections forged throughout our rich 115+ year history and fortified by the critical insights and expertise found in our 10 technical societies and over 35 branches, CIM serves as an important connector and conduit for a community that is as vast and as rich as the industry itself. From exploration and extraction through to production and reclamation, from the rock face to the corporate tower, our constituents are involved in every facet of the mining cycle, and together we are made stronger than the sum of our parts.

3. Expand awareness of the essential contribution mining makes to society

The minerals, metals and materials we extract and process are critical building blocks for the very foundation of modern society. By separating fact from fiction and by tapping into and conveying scientifically based knowledge to help educate the public about the essential role our industry plays, CIM helps meet the evolving needs of our communities for a sustainable future and inspires tomorrow’s generations to join our efforts.

4. Share expertise and build capacity globally

Mining is a powerful engine for fiscal and social change within and beyond our borders. CIM recognizes that with this influence comes responsibility. By sharing our technical expertise and leveraging our global network to establish new connections and partnerships, CIM plays a leadership role in promoting best practices, encouraging social and environmental responsibility and serving as a channel for social and economic growth.

“Every successful organization needs a vision that clearly identifies its overarching objective, supported by a sound understanding of how it will achieve its objective,” said CIM president Sean Waller. “CIM’s new vision and mission reflect how our members want to see our industry, and what CIM and our members must do every single day to achieve the objective.”

“The interest and the engagement level demonstrated during the strategic review were revealing and inspiring,” commented CIM executive director Jean Vavrek, “illustrating to us the full power of our collective and the desire to work together. CIM is emerging from this with a stronger and more united voice. We clearly have the potential to adapt our industry’s nature of volunteering to a new dynamic, so that it once again becomes a much sought-after means of personal and professional development. I am truly looking forward to creating the CIM of the future with all of you.”

An updated Report on the outreach process and findings is available on the CIM website.