New name for CIM Maintenance Engineering and Reliability Society

MER society chair

Maintenance, Engineering and Reliability (MER) Society chair Ted Knight, and vice-chair/chair-elect Jo-Anne Boucher, along with all of their members, are proud to announce a new name for their technical society: Maintenance, Engineering and Reliability (MER).

Over 50 years ago, the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum (CIM) enacted the formation of the original Mechanical – Electrical Division. In the 1980s the name was changed to the Maintenance and Engineering Division, and today it  has become the Maintenance, Engineering and Reliability (MER) Society.

“The name change reflects a growing mandate encompassing the greater use of and advancements in technology, innovation and research in modern and future mining, milling, smelting and refining processes,” said Knight.

“It is exciting to see that the MER Society continues to evolve after 52 years of existence,” said CIM president Terence F. Bowles, who is president and CEO of St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation. “With globalization and the challenges of rising capital and operating costs, it is essential that the Canadian mining industry finds ways to improve the performance and reliability of both equipment and capital assets. The MER Society is the premier venue for our members to focus on these issues, and CIM looks forward to your continuing strong leadership in this area."

“CIM is proud to support MER in its endeavours and to share in the success of the institute,” added CIM executive director Jean Vavrek. “The topic of reliability has long had a subtle but strong underlying presence behind the focus and direction of the Society. This is a well-deserved coming of age. I believe that declaring the importance of reliability at this level will bring a new level of awareness resulting in the advancement of related knowledge and practices and, ultimately, better performance. Thank you MER for your leadership and for having the courage to change.”

CIM began over 115 years ago and now boasts more than 14,500 members, of which over 2,500 are international members, in over 35 Branches and 10 Societies covering all of Canada and expanding globally.

The Maintenance, Engineering and Reliability Society looks forward to a successful and sustainable future with CIM.