Mine Water Solutions in Extreme Environments 2015

  • Dates:
    Apr 12, 2015
  • Hours:
    From 7:30 AM to 5:15 PM
  • Location:
    Hyatt Regency Hotel, 655 Burrard Street, Vancouver Canada
  • Event Type:
    Conference & Exhibition

Contact Information

Sahar Pakzad
Conference Coordinator
604 683 2037
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Event Detail

Mine Water Solutions in Extreme Environments is the second in an innovative new conference series that aims to examine a wide range of issues associated with mine water management in extremely wet, dry, and cold climates and with extreme hydrogeological and geochemical issues. The conference will provide a forum for presentation and discussion about successful practices that enable responsible mining to be undertaken in challenging environments while minimizing water use and/or preserving water resources.

All aspects of mine water management, including hydrology, hydrogeology, diversion, containment, water conservation, minimization of water-quality impacts, seepage interception and treatment may be addressed. Management of water associated with mine dewatering, waste rock and tailings are of particular interest

Call for abstracts is now open and submissions are accepted in the thematic areas related to the extreme:


  •   Water Management in Extremely Wet Areas
  •   Water Management in Extremely Dry Areas
  •   Water Management in Extremely Cold Areas (Glacial, Periglacial and Permafrost)
  •   Water Management and Climate Change
  •   Challenging Geochemical Conditions Over Time
  •   Surface Water Over Time
  •   Groundwater Over Time
  •   Regulatory and Social Challenges
  •   Physical Control of Contaminants
  •   Water Treatment

Share your extreme environment water management successes, submit your abstract by September 15, 2014 to minewatersolutions@infomine.com

The conference will include invited keynotes and paper presentations based on the accepted abstracts and manuscripts. Preference for oral presentations will be given to those whose papers will be included in the proceedings. Conference presentations will be held April 13-15, 2015. We request that authors participate for the duration of the conference.

Short courses will be offered on April 12, 2015, based on interest. Short course proposals are requested on topics relevant to the conference theme. One-page proposals should include title of the course, affiliation and contact information for course instructors and an overview of the learning objectives. The number of courses offered will be restricted. Evaluations of courses will be based on the nature and quality of the proposal and relevance of the topic.

Please send your course proposal by September 30, 2014 to minewatersolutions@infomine.com

Closing date for Short Courses is September 30, 2014

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