Mining Information Kit for Aboriginal Communities

The purpose of the Mining Information Kit for Aboriginal Communities is to provide Aboriginal people with the tools to help them better understand and participate in exploration and mining-related activities.

The Mining Information Kit for Aboriginal Communities structure is designed to explain the mining cycle in its entirety and contains four major sections that match the key phases of the mining cycle:

  1. Mineral Exploration
  2. Mine Development
  3. Mine Operation
  4. Mine Closure
  Mining Information Kit for Aboriginal Communities – A comprehensive guide on the mining sequence, this tool provides basic explanations of activities from early exploration through to mine closure, including regulatory processes, potential impacts and opportunities, and examples of successful Aboriginal community experiences and partnerships with the mining industry.   Information Bulletins on Aboriginal Participation in Mining (broken link) – A series of information bulletins focusing on Aboriginal participation in exploration and mining, including highlights of leading practices in engagement between Aboriginal communities and the mining industry.
  Our Community . . . Our Future: Mining and Aboriginal Communities – An information video explaining the mining sequence in six modules, from geological mapping and early exploration through to mine closure and site reclamation.   Working Together – A Checklist To Assist Mineral Companies Active in Areas Near Aboriginal Communities (broken link) – For exploration and mining companies, this checklist offers practical advice, applicable at all stages of the mining sequence, on how to establish productive communication and mutually beneficial relationships with Aboriginal peoples and communities.
Aboriginal Agreements Map – Aboriginal-mining industry relationships have evolved tremendously through the conclusion of various types of agreements that have proven to be successful in securing benefits for Aboriginal communities. The map displays the agreements geographically by province and territory. Aboriginal Engagement in the Mining and Energy Sectors (broken link) – A compendium presenting 16 case studies illustrating successful relationships and partnerships between governments, communities, and the mining industry.
Mining Industry Human Resources Guide for Aboriginal Communities – A comprehensive guide for anyone interested in obtaining employment and developing a career in mining.